About Us

Enerpro Engineering is a Calgary based engineering and professional services firm founded in 2010 with a focus on innovative, simple, and cost effective solutions. We offer a wide range of engineering, consulting and regulatory services to pipeline and facilities clients, and oil and gas producers from project feasibility through engineering design and construction management, along with asset life management and asset planning. Our vision is to earn trust through competency.


Enerpro has 3 business units: Pipelines, Facilities and Decentralized Power Design.


Enerpro endeavors to be on the forefront of the clean energy market in Canada. Enerpro is actively designing for low carbon power generation in pressure let down applications, and flare gas generation to reduce the flaring and venting of carbon emissions.


Enerpro is also one of the few engineering companies that have worked on geothermal development projects in Canada. We are proud to be part of a rapidly growing clean energy market and are determined to grow our presence in engineering design and project optimization in this important energy sector.

Safety - HSE

The Enerpro Engineering Health & Safety Management system utilizes local and international standards. Our use of modern technology for safety planning, worker training, project safety monitoring and leading indicator reporting systems ensure high value safety performance.

The Safety Management System managed by SafetyDataNet® is web-based and allows workers, contractors and sub contractors to virtually access Company orientations, training, safe work practices guidelines, permits, inspection checklists, and other hazard management tools from anywhere there is internet access. It also contains tools for project records management, training tracking, contractor orientations, communications, corporate and project emergency response plans and corrective actions tracking.

Please contact us for more information about safety.

In addition to the moral and ethical responsibilities of our engineering profession to protect the environment and the public’s safety, health, and welfare, we strive to:
  • Communicate truthfully and openly with clients and other stakeholders

  • Work productively with others in the spirit of professional cooperation

  • Use and develop our natural resources sensibly and sustainably

  • Manage and continuously improve the quality of our products and services

  • Use, embrace and leverage technology in new and innovative ways

These points are summarized and represented by Enerpro's maxim:

"Engineering with integrity."

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