Below is a list of projects that Enerpro has completed.​

Our engineering services support all project phases from conceptual/feasibility to start up/commissioning and operations support. 

Conventional Pipeline Projects

Major Pipeline Projects

Here is a brief summary of the conventional pipeline projects that Enerpro has worked on recently:

  • 5 Km, 8” Steel HVP pipeline replacement – Northern Alberta

  • 4 Km, 6” Steel Sour oil emulsion pipeline and 4” gathering system – NW Alberta

  • 2 Km, 4“Polyethylene pipeline – NE BC

  • 10 Km, 6” Steel oil emulsion pipeline – Central Saskatchewan

  • 30 KM 4” Steel oil emulsion gathering system – Central Saskatchewan

  • 700M 10” Steel pipeline crossing replacement – Central Alberta

  • 450M 12” Steel pipeline section replacement – Northern Alberta

Our team members have been involved in major pipeline planning, engineering, studies and cost estimating for the following major projects:

  • 2500 KM 36” Crude Oil pipeline, USA

  • 1175 KM 42” Crude Oil pipeline, BC

  • 600 KM 36” Natural gas pipeline, Peru

  • 825 KM 36” high pressure natural gas pipeline, BC

  • 1200 KM 42” high pressure natural gas pipeline, USA

  • 1200 KM 48” high pressure natural gas pipeline, USA

  • 1150 KM 42” high pressure natural gas pipeline, BC

300 Small Projects for a Utilities Company

Since 2011, Enerpro has completed approximately 300 small projects for a natural gas utility company in Alberta.

These projects involved:

  • Integrity inspections

  • Site inspections

  • As-built drawings

  • Asset management

  • Line heater replacement/upgrades

  • Fugitive emission studies

  • Civil engineering

  • Pipeline stress analysis

15 MW FEED Cost Analysis in British Columbia

In 2015, Enerpro was commissioned to provide a front-end engineering and design (FEED) cost analysis for a 15 MW geothermal project in British Columbia.

The cost estimate included the following categories:

  • The ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) equipment

  • Electrical transmission

  • Piping and fluid transport

  • Engineering

  • Materials and construction

  • Commissioning

  • Drilling

  • Interconnection agreements


109 Geothermal Business Case Models, Canada-wide

In 2015, Enerpro was commissioned to provide 109 different business cases for various geothermal cost scenarios in a number of different locations across Canada.

The scope of work was to analyse multiple potential geothermal prospects in Canada.  These projects include reviewing the many regions and climates in Canada, including the:

  • Prairies

  • Mountains & Foothills

  • Coastal

  • Northern Areas

The regions were then compared for different geothermal functions; power generation, combined heat and power (CHP), and direct heating. Each of the three cases also has several power sizes to compare the economies of scale for such projects, while direct heating varies uniquely with 90°C and 50°C water outputs. As well, scenarios were performed for two major geological well types; hot sedimentary aquifer (HSA), and wet fractured rock environment (WFR).

In order to perform the cost analysis, a process simulator was used to estimate the energy balance of the system.  Based on these simulations, the sizing of components could be estimated.   Three different process configurations were used to estimate the energy production of electricity as well as available heat transfer.

10 MW Geothermal FEED Project in Southeast Saskatchewan

In 2014, Enerpro contributed its expertise to a pre-feasibility study (PFS) for a 10 MW geothermal project in southeast Saskatchewan. Our scope of work included surface facility design, as well as well bore design, pump specification, and well site tie‐in.

FEED for Two 2.5 MW Turboexpander Projects

In 2014, Enerpro was commissioned to provide the front-end engineering and design (FEED) for two 2.5 MW turboexpander projects.

Our client had a unique opportunity to produce power from gas flow rates that feed a co-generation plant. The gas infrastructure has high flow rates, high pressure letdown ratios (3:1 – 12:1), and a proximity to nearby electrical infrastructure.

The client typically runs a conventional pressure reduction valve (PRV), which cools the gas coupled with a line heater which heats the gas. This process results in wasted compression energy that causes a cooling effect (Joule-Thompson effect), which also then requires natural gas combustion (line heater) to reheat the high pressure natural gas. There is significant capital investment, with no real return on investment.

Enerpro proposed that our client recaptures the waste energy and converts the compression energy to electrical power to use internally and recover thermal energy off the existing line heater to preheat the high pressure line.

Enerpro was requested to create an engineering package to provide a construction package for the  installation of a turboexpander and accompanying heat exchanger.

Several HDD Projects

In 2014, Enerpro completed several horizontal directional drilling (HDD) projects for a midstream client. Our deliverables included:

  • Aerial details of the pipline right-of-way

  • Drill profiles of several options

  • Depth of cover surveys


Butane Injection & Offloading Project in Northwest Alberta

In 2014, Enerpro was commissioned to provide engineering services to increase butane offloading and injection capacity for a midstream client at a facility in northwest Alberta. Enerpro’s scope was to provide:

  • Process Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering 

  • Design/Drafting

  • Procurement

  • Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

Enerpro’s engineering team designed, installed, and commissioned several multi- and single-well pad and tie-in projects in northwestern Alberta from 2011 to 2014.

Multi-Well Tie-Ins


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